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Noor A

Rali was an incredible resource during one of the most stressful periods for us She was kind, empathetic and understanding to both myself and my partner. She helped us navigate the last stages of my pregnancy with extreme care. Leading up to the last few weeks, Rali's attention to detail and knowledge helped us create the birth plan we wanted. During labor, Rali was present and able to intuitively pick up on cues and respond with pain management techniques and helpful suggestions. When dealing with hospital staff, Rali was an assertive communicator; she made sure they followed the birth plan. Rali provided the much needed support for my partner to take breaks during labor and relieved a lot of the physical and mental stress. Post delivery, Rali checked up on us and the baby multiple times in person and over text. She always sent an email with clear action items and links to whatever resources we had discussed. During one of these visits, Rali shared her favorite moments from the labor along with a very sweet personalized birth timeline she had made for us. We are super grateful to have had Rali as our doula and we recommend her to anyone looking for someone knowledgeable and kind. I could not have imagined this experience without her!

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