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We want to make sure that you have evidence-based information about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and your newborn, so that you feel prepared, informed, and empowered on your parenthood journey.

Whether you are looking for a full program to cover the works, or want more information about one or two topics, we will start by meeting for a consultation so that we can find out your needs. From there, we will curate sessions, resources, and materials just for you.

None of the sessions are lecture-style - no boring learning here! You can expect a dynamic, informative, and reflective approach.

Sessions can be done in-person, outdoors, and virtually.

Expecting Couple


$495/couple for five 2-hour sessions OR intensive over two or three workshops
(10 hours total)

This program covers it all!

  • Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices

  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Hormones of Labor and Birth

  • Comfort Measures, Relaxation Techniques, and Labor Support

  • Movement and Positions for Labor and Birth

  • Common Medications, Procedures, and Interventions

  • Postpartum Prep and What to Expect

  • Newborn Feeding and Care

Sessions will be either once a week for 5 weeks, over one weekend, or in three sessions across a couple of weeks.

Have a friend or two that's also expecting? This is a great option for a small group!

Pregnant Woman


$120 one 2-hour session - (2 hours total)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a joyful time - and one million other emotions! In this one-time session, we will cover:

  • Changes in your body and staying comfortable

  • Taking care of you and your baby (eating well and mindful fitness)

  • Warning signs and when to contact your provider

  • Reducing stress (session will include a guided body scan meditation)

  • Resources in the community

Have a friend or two that's also expecting? This is a great option for a small group!

Young Mother


$290 for two 2-hour sessions (4 hours total)

Are you looking to dedicate a bit more time to learning about movement and positions during labor? About pain coping and management options? About what to expect with a Cesarean or an induction? About feeding your wee one when they arrive?

Let us know what you want to know more about, and then we will schedule 4 hours over two sessions to cover the content and make sure you have what you need!

Expecting Couple


$160 for two 1-hour sessions OR one 2-hour session
(2 hours total)

Is there one area of prep that you want just a bit more info about? Well, then let's zero in on that! Whether it's labor progression, comfort measures for early labor, postpartum planning, induction, or newborn care, you can let us know what you want to focus on, and we will curate two hours to cover that information with you.

This is a great add-on to birth doula services or standalone, to get evidence-based, experiential education on the topic of your choice.

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